Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A bit of family fun

Monday, Funday! What did we do? Slept late (esp. the kids). Ate Barb's melt-in-your-mouth lemony poppy seed bread. Adam & I went to eat Mexican for lunch b/c we had a GREAT coupon (lunch for 2 for 8 bucks!). Adam organized Angel Tree gifts and deliveries, which puts you in the right spirit. Played Christmas music all day. Grocery shopping, hamburger cooking. Adam & Anna went shopping at Belk, and returned with LARGE gifts and tales of sales. They were wrapped and tucked under the tree. Julia and I watched "The Secret of Roan Inish." Such a delightful Irish story! Definite chicklet flick material. Philip says I may watch it at my house with his little daughters someday, but I may NOT, under ANY circumstances, SEND IT HOME WITH THEM. HAHA!

On to pictures. Sandy is a laid-back dog. She and Julia are best buds, and that puppy really relaxes with her!
Adam stopped at the Dollar Tree and got Sandy some doggy decor. Voila -- the Christmas
The Christmas hat!
Two fellas sitting on the couch. (I have NO idea what Anna is up to!) When Philip lived here in high school, he spent much of his time in his room. Now that he's in college, when he's home he spends most of his time upstairs with us. So sweet! Last night, the 3 menfolk watched a movie together -- "Blazing Saddles." We got our chick flick; they got their man movie :)

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