Friday, December 4, 2009

The Tree At Last!

Last night was our family decorating event :) And no, the tree below is not our Christmas Tree; it's our Jesse Tree, a small tree with an ornament for each day. Each one symbolizes one important aspect of the historical plan of redemption from God for man. We've had this simple tree and its ornaments for almost 20 years, and the children have loved its plain, handmade ornaments. Our church in Mississippi made the ornaments one year when Philip was a baby.
I used to collect Tasha Tudor books. (I think I have plenty, and don't add to the collection now.) Here are a few of my favorite Christmas ones.
Anna and Sandy snuggle on the couch. Adam made a sumptuous dinner, I made no-bake fudgies and popcorn, and we all gathered in the living room to put together the tree. Peter strung the lights, and Anna hung the ornaments.
Anna and Julia sort through the branches. Yes, we opted for an artificial tree about 5 years ago -- what a wonderful savings that has been! And no worries about watering, dropped needles, or what to do with a dead tree afterward.
This morning, Adam welcomed us to the kitchen with his homemade blueberry scones. I put butter and whipped cream on top (yes, real, hand-whipped without chemicals). This is so delicious -- it melts in your mouth.
I'll post a picture of the finished tree next :)

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