Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Christmas Cheer Is Flowing!

We had a very Christmasy day today! After slogging through our last true day of academic work, Adam and I and the girls went to a local nursing home (again) with their ballet group. Their wonderful teacher (who reads Scripture with them and prays at each practice, and only chooses Christian music! I'm so thankful for her!) had music sheets ready, and reindeer antlers and red shirts.
The girls sang to the residents.
They also handed out Christmas cards that we made/decorated on Tuesday, and gave out suckers. It was a sweet time of ministry, so good for the children, and such a blessing for others.
We turned right around, came home and cooked, and headed over to some friends' home for a Christmas dinner with our Bible study group. Our hostess, Dot, has done a phenomenal job decorating her house for the holidays! I mean, seriously, you should SEE all her trees, ceramic statues, wreaths and decorations. We enjoyed a pork loin dinner with all the fixin's. Here is her lovely dining room:
We love these dear people, and our group of 8 have had many happy evenings sitting around God's Word, studying what it says about our FAVORITE topic: heaven! Well, this was one "heavenly" meal!

Now, Adam has driven off into the dark night to collect Philip from college. He'll be meeting him only about 2 hours away; Philip got a ride part of the way. It will be a VERY late night for them, but we'll be glad to have him home for the holidays.

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