Monday, December 14, 2009

It's the small things --

I thought I'd give you some pictures of Christmas ornaments this evening. (We went to sing with our church choir at a local nursing home, and took Sandy along!, and had a great time -- but, yes, I forgot my camera....) So, ornaments:
This lovely golden sleigh was given to us years ago by Adam's great aunt Eckie. Her full name was Estahulen (that may not be correctly spelled). I never met her, but she faithfully sent things for the babies, and for Christmas.
I love glass balls. This was given to me in Iowa by a friend and parent of some of my students.
This cheerful Santa -- I'm not sure where he came from! Perhaps my MIL? He arrived within the past few years. I think he's adorable!

This simple nativity set comes from my childhood. I made it in school, back when doing ceramics was big. Each year I place it (with the tree) on this Christmas hanky. The red bell plays "Silent Night." I've had it for many years.

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  1. Thank you, M.K. They are lovely. How special to still have a nativity set that you made yourself--and it is so simple and elegant.


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