Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

We went to the candlelight communion service at our church on Christmas Eve. Here's a picture of our church. It was a lovely service, full of music and Scripture and peace.
Christmas Eve is also Philip's birthday! He's not too old to blow out candles. The cake? Strawberry with butter frosting -- the first time in about a decade when he hasn't asked for Mississippi Mud Cake on his birthday.
Julia sits among the detritus of her gifts, hiding behind her Whoppers box.
The teenagers. We were doing good just to get those big boys out of their beds. Considering that they all three wanted cash, cash, and nothing but cash for Christmas, one wonders why they get up in the morning at all!
Our simple Advent candles -- we've used them every year for 20 years. This year I nearly burned down the table by allowing the candles on the right to burn too low. I like to let them burn all day on Christmas Day. I have a friend who places fresh, white candles in her Advent holder, to burn for the 12 days after Christmas -- a nice tradition, I think!
And Sandy is enjoying a hambone.

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