Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mother's Christmas Tea

Mother decided to do a Christmas Tea while I was visiting. It was SO wonderful -- but then social gatherings of any type at her home always are. She has that wonderful knack of hospitality that immediately puts everyone at ease. About 13 ladies sat down in her living room, and almost immediately both old friends and new acquaintances were chatting away and laughing.

Mother enjoyed posing with Peter and Julia before we dove into the food.
I later moved some of the goodies into the living room so NO one would have an excuse not to have seconds or thirds!
These two sisters really enjoyed catching up over tea!
Later, a neighbor came with her adorable puppy, Macey. Macey does tricks! But her favorite thing was to leap lightly onto the couch. The ladies giggled each time!
Ginny presented The Macey Show -- all of Macey's tricks.
Tasha says, 'I'd rather just be scratched.'

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