Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Kitties

Some friends of ours will be out of town just after Christmas, and they've asked Anna to come feed and tend to their cats.
Here's Ferguson. Isn't he lovely? He looks like he's waiting for Santa!
Here's Murray. He's quite a tub, but snuggly and sweet.
Kitty #3 is Franklin, part Maine Coon Cat. He's more stand-offish, and I did not get a good picture of him, just a furry blur!

Sandy loves to snooze on her little rug in the sun.
Yesterday was a banner day for vehicle ownership in our family. We got rid of both the Volvo, which we'd had for over 17 years, and the Jaguar, which never did run. It was a hopeful hobby for Adam that never did materialize, for lack of cash. Adam couldn't sell them, and couldn't even get the junk yard to take them, unless the tires and gas tanks were removed first! Finally he called the PBS Car Talk Show, and donated the cars there. The came and hauled them away.
Rather sad, but necessary. Now we're down to ONLY 2 vehicles, thankfully. Before we move, we will trim down to only the van, and I'll be greatly relieved.

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