Saturday, December 5, 2009

December Daily Photo

Some bloggers are participating in the "December Daily Photo Project" -- I can't say that I'm an official participant, but I am trying to make it my goal to post each day in December, and to give you pictures of the season.

A window of stockings. That long one in the center will have belonged to me for 19 years, on Christmas morning. And where was I, on that morning long ago? Why, I was in the hospital, and my first baby was brought to me that morning by the nurse, bundled in that lovely (large) red stocking. BEST Christmas present ever.
That same adorable baby, when he was only 3 years old, visited the Edwards Cactus Plantation, near the town where we used to live. He was so cute, the owner gave him a little bitty cactus, all his own. Well, we still have it (even though he's now gone off to school!) It's not beautiful, but there are some things that you keep in life, not for their beauty, but simply because they've had the tenacity to live and stay with you for all that time. Thus, the cactus:
I finally got around to wrapping some things, so our under-tree wouldn't look so forlorn. Most are either small things for the kids, or used books I've picked up at resale shops, but it's a start. We don't do big gifts for Christmas. The teens like their grandparents' gift money in cash, and the rest of us mostly like books. There's the occasional DVD movie or pair of slippers, but Christmas gift-giving is a simple affair here.

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