Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cropping Photos

I must say, I liked the photo I took of the kids today. The composition of the pic is not great, but the children themselves look pretty good. I wondered about cropping the photo, selecting out individuals. So I did.
Here are Philip and Julia. Julia likes to make goofy faces in photographs, so I was thrilled to catch this beautiful picture of her. They're such good buddies, it's sweet to have this one of them together.
I like this relaxed pose of Peter in his signature white t-shirt.
Anna's usually photogenic, and it's no exception here. She looks great in the red sweater.
I have a junky old camera that's falling apart (literally, the batteries tumble out if I'm not careful) and cuts off on its own. I have an ancient Apple laptop with an old version of I-photo.  But I do enjoy cropping pictures, and I'm thrilled with how these turned out!


  1. I must have taken ten photos of our oldest son yesterday when he stopped in. He's so wonderful. You are a very loving mama and it's sweet and refreshing how you delight in your children. I love it. I like Peter. He looks like he could star in a sit com! We have two boys and two girls, too. Isn't it an awesome blend?

  2. Two of each is a great arrangement, Pom :) It's so special to have all of them home this summer. I think it had been years since I'd taken a posed shot of the four of them. You never know when you'll get another chance, do you?


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