Friday, July 15, 2011

"Calgon! Take Me Away!"

Life right now is a wee bit on the chaotic side.
Nothing is where it's supposed to be, and most things are in a box. Somewhere.
Life isn't the same without the books all around me, you know?
Just when you think you must have enough boxes, you run out. And then when you have more boxes, you run out of packing tape :)
So, my friends, I thought I'd take a little trip. To here:
 And spend a little time with Adam doing this:
 We'll stay in a gorgeous old resort like this, in a suite with a balcony and a huge tub.
 Or, better yet, a little place hanging on the cliff, catching the ocean breaths.
 In a quiet little town like this:
 Tea. Every afternoon at 4:00.
 And every day will be crowned with this,
 And I'll walk along an empty beach as the waves lick my feet and the day sinks into darkness.
Okay, time to open my eyes again, and stare into the bottom of a dark box. Sigh. A girl can dream, can't she?
Benefits of an imaginary journey? No sand in your luggage, no laundry to do upon returning home, and it's absolutely free!!


  1. I wish you COULD pop yourselves into a perfect resort! I'd start drawing funny pictures on the boxes or writing bossy instructions on them simply to entertain myself.

  2. Hope your time "away" was lovely.

  3. The 10 minute vacation. Time well spent.


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