Sunday, July 10, 2011

More Photo Cropping

 Yesterday Julia was resting on the couch, looking pensively at the crossword puzzle I'd been working, seeing if there were any clues she could solve. I said, "You won't let me take your picture, will you." She said, "Well ...  I guess so." So, I did. I think she looks a lot like my niece, Lorien. People used to tell me that Lorien looked like me. Lots of family genes floating around here.

I also cropped the photo of my parents, removing the styrofoam cup my mom was holding, and some of the busy stuff around the edges. Much better.


  1. What a beautiful photo - you are a really good photographer! Sweet photo of Mom and Dad too - they look like kind people. I like them. :-)

  2. Have you tried some of the online photo editing? I haven't, but I've seen some of the cool results. You are a good English teacher to work crossword puzzles.

  3. That is a precious shot of Julia. How old will she be on her birthday?

  4. Thanks, ladies! Pom, I haven't tried anything but my ancient iPhoto. I'm not very "techy."

    Carolyn, she'll be 12 this summer.


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