Monday, July 11, 2011

Let the Boxing Begin!

Today, Adam went in search of packing boxes. I'm definitely in the mood to pack, sort, and cull out! Did you know that the local ABC store is now charging for its boxes? Of all the nerve! Well, actually, it's just 5¢/box, so it's not that bad. And they are very sturdy boxes. I started with all my fine crystal. I know I said in an earlier post that I don't think one should get rid of beautiful things, but ... four boxes of just fine crystal? Crystal we never use? (Gulp. I know. We should use it.) Now that my youngest is in jr. high, perhaps it's time to rid myself of all plastic and ugly-ware in the kitchen, and pull out the pretty stuff? Yes?
I packed up my fine china. No, that's NOT it on top, silly. That's plastic. We've moved enough times that I'm pretty expert at packing!
Boxes, empty: (Ignore the tie, draped over the chair leg.)
My fine china cups will soon join the plates, even the one with the broken handle. Why do I tote it around still? "I'll fix it someday," I tell myself. Actually, I think I did glue it once, only to have it come apart again.
Julia has been a packing maniac. I had no idea she is so excited about moving. She packed up all her books, basically almost packed up her whole room. She even rolled up her rugs! haha! That makes me giggle. To give her credit, she'll be gone all next week to camp, so I'm glad she's doing this work now.
We don't know where we're moving yet, but we know we will be leaving, within the next month. I felt that boxing up china, crystal, and books was a safe bet, no matter when we leave. The kitchen is such a time-consuming packing, don't you think?


  1. It's sad you have to leave your home. and secondly not to know where you are going.

    I love your cheerful dishes and yes, like I did years rid of the plastic and started using dishes that are cheerful, fun and set a good table. Why save them I thot! I wanted my own kids to leave how to handle the 'resl things' and now I want the g kids to know how to! We do use paper some with all the meals I prepare for all. In the garage where we have eaten a lot for entertaining......all paper/plastic. The clean up is soooo easy.
    Some are very down hearted here today with the wind damage....blew over the new office building at the other farm, lots of damage!
    Pray for Chad and Curt especially in your quiet time. They need encouragement!

  2. Look at you go, MK! Wow! Sandy is looking quite adorable today, by the way.
    We haven't moved in 20 years so I could probably give away or throw away a lot of stuff.

  3. I tell ya, Pom, this moving is the best way to keep the junk at bay! When you have to reduce your home to a UHaul truck, you learn to prioritize :) Sandy is getting downright vain, when she reads your comments!

    Liz, I saw your pic of the trailer. I'm so sorry! That was a serious storm. I hope there was insurance on the trailer and contents :(

  4. Whaaa? Your mama asked me yesterday at Debra's lovely luncheon if I (I!) had any word from you!!! And here you are packing. You know what I'm hoping, even if it's the second best choice... .
    Anna and I can knit and stitch and watch P & P next week if she comes!

  5. you know you're welcome in our home...if you have any desire to head north!

  6. sandy has been acting oddly, jumping in our laps and licking us. she must be a bit scandalized by all the boxes. she probably thinks we will put her in one of those boxes


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