Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Back!

Well, that's not entirely true -- I'm still in Mississippi. But, I'm back at the blog :) We've been visiting Adam's mom. She made us steak and cheese wraps on Sunday - yummers!
We drove by our old house. I always want to drive by the old house. I think I often take a picture. It needs a bit of work, I think. Still a neat old place, circa 1870s, I believe.
This is where we stayed when we drove up the Natchez Trace. Neat old cabin. The two kids slept in a loft.
Back in Jackson, we celebrated Julia's birthday at Keifer's restaurant, our family's all-time favorite eatery. If you're in Jackson, Mississippi, it's a MUST. It's Greek, been open 31 years. Adam was there on their second day! We mentioned this to our waiter, and he told us he was there that day too -- been working there for 31 years. They're building a new building across the street; the old one will be torn down to make way for a green space/park. But it'll be the same great food! Get a gyro and cottage fries.  They brought Julia a piece of baklava free, for her birthday!
Grandma got Julia a beautiful (and delicious) ice cream cake:
Julia was very excited. She had two pieces.  Isn't it pretty?
Happy Birthday, sweet girl! We love you!


  1. When did you live in that house? The restaurant sounds fantastic. Oh, birthdays are so special with grannies! Thinking of you! Hope things aren't too crazy, MK!

  2. Keifers is THE BEST!!!!

  3. Whenever we go someplace I used to live, I HAVE to go by. Your blog is so restful - beautiful food, lovely photographs, family togetherness. It soothes me.


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