Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Visit with Friends

While I was at my parents' house, Mother and I visited some very dear friends, Lynn and Clem. When I lived in Brevard for two years, Clem was the choir director at our church. Lynn is his daughter.
Clem has not been in good health lately, but he's got as good an excuse as any -- he must be up in his 80s! He's still as dear, as cordial, as gentlemanly and kind as ever. And there's just one word for Lynn:  she is sweet, through and through. What a privilege to know them. And what an immense privilege to sing under Clem's directorship.

I have sung under many very excellent choral directors in my time: Bill Wymond, John Hamm, Steve Lawton, William Harper, Dan Pardue and others. But if I had to choose the one director who seemed to me to have the broadest knowledge of the vocal instrument, and who was able to do the most with my voice, it was Clem.  I'm not quite sure how he did it. But his faith in me, to sing higher and stronger and more beautifully, led me on to more vocal conquests. I've never had the strength, tone or range since then, that I had during those two years. Someday in heaven, I'll have a tough time deciding which of these fine directors I want to sing next to! Won't singing in heaven be grand?

Lynn has a lovely screened-in porch, with this luxurious chaise lounge in one corner. As soon as I saw it, I had to have its picture! A perfect spot to rest, nap, read, gaze, and otherwise ponder one's world. It looks out over their verdant garden. Lynn has decorated her blueberry bush with all manner of gaudy beads, trinkets, and sparkling delights, to scare the birds away. She even put an inflatable snake under the bush. I could "lounge" here and just watch that bush, all morning!
What a picture of peace!


  1. A picture of peace, indeed! I'm so glad you took a picture. I bet your kids love to hear you sing. I was singing to Birdie the other day and she said, "Okay, thank you. That's good." Croaky Grans.

  2. It was my desire to be there with you and your Mother fro the visit, but alas, work had my full attention.

    The chaise was "Mother's" favorite place to rest and cool off after a morning tending her gardens and flowers.

    It was an amazing experience to sing with you those two years and having the honor of singing under Mr. B's direction since 1964 I may have some incite as to how you were able to accomplish as much as you did... he is a teacher, encourager. It has been his passion for over 60 years to bring unbelievable accomplishments out of his students. You my Dear Friend are one of his favorite "students".



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