Sunday, July 3, 2011

Eyes In the Sky, Bodies On the Ground

This is what we did last night. The town mall was packed, crammed with people, families there to watch the show. Over 200 fireworks in the sky -- it was great!

Our eyes were in the sky!
But afterward, a fellow next to us told us, "You've got a flat tire!" And we did. So Adam and Philip spent some time finding the spare tire (under the center of the car, ugh), and changing it. Philip was on the ground, in a mall parking lot, not the cleanest place to be. But they got it changed, and got us all home again, late at night. I suppose a flat tire is exciting in its own right.

But excitement above is always better.


  1. You captured all the "WOW!" MK! So sorry about the flat tire.

  2. Great fireworks pix! What a bummer to have a flat tire in the dark of night.

  3. Thanks, ladies :) It was the best fireworks show I've ever seen -- the longest.


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