Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dashing Here and There

I have only a few days left in my home. We have been here only 4 1/2 years, so I am not inordinately attached to the house. But it's been a pleasant home, and holds many happy memories for our family. But we all know that memories aren't really held in a house; they are held in our hearts. It's time to move on.

When I removed the curtains from the T.V. room, I found a huge spider's web, outside the window, on the sill. The clever spider chose the opening in the sprinkler as her home, where she receded and caught her meals. See how the web leads all things to the hole?
This is as close as I could get. I took the photo through the window, of course. You can see some dead spider legs lying in the chute, but the resident's legs are also there, sticking out.
So we humans will leave, but the spider? She will stay. How long until cold weather, or a new owner, will end her residency here?
Already the hints of autumn begin. The heat persists, but a few trees are dropping yellow leaves, in spite of adequate rain. I love autumn. I love the falling leaves.
I drove from home to my parents' house. As we enjoyed dessert made with luscious South Carolina peaches, I noticed the sun on the toille fabric. What an elegant chair! It's wide enough to curl up in.

We picked up Julia and Peter early at camp. Julia made some great friends this year :)

Both of them were absolutely exhausted. They slept for two and a half hours in the car, and Peter slept on for most of the day.
We're in Mississippi now. Driving, driving. Lots to do.


  1. Any news about where you are going? Will you put your stuff in storage? Praying for you.

  2. Thanks for your prayers, Pom!! We'll know soon :)


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