Monday, July 18, 2011

I remembered ...

... My computer,

and my camera,

but I forgot the camera cord!

I'm back in the mountains, taking kids to camp for the week. This year, my parents have nine grandchildren at camp -- four in the senior high camp, and five in the junior high camp. The kids are getting so old! I remember when we were wondering whether they would pass their swim tests. Now they're hiking, cooking with mess kits, and rafting.

So, I have pictures, but I can't post them yet. I will when I get back home this week. Meanwhile, I'll be relaxing up here in the cool mountain breezes yet again, taking a break from all that moving chaos going on back home. Adam says today he is moving boxes to the basement, so they can be loaded into the truck easier.

Talk to you later!

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  1. Hi MK! I'm glad you are up in the breezy mountains! I am at our daughter's house, taking care of the three sweetie pies. I'm absolutely pooped. Back soon!


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