Monday, July 4, 2011

Rain in the Mountains

We had thunder and rain here in the mountains, and of course it turned wondrously cool so quickly. I went outside to take a few shots after the rain, while things were fresh. My mother has a fondness for roosters. Here's her front porch welcome mat:
We watched "Hercule Poirot" last night, and today Julia has murder mysteries on the mind. Philip said to her, "There's a cute puppy over here who wants some attention (meaning Sandy)!" Julia replied, "No. I'm writing a book." I think she's considering cyanide as her poison.
Tasha seems very glad to be home. She avoids having her picture taken.
My mother is a plant person. This was a birthday present, but she doesn't know what it's called:
Her hybrid Rose of Sharon, very tall:
Foxglove. I love that its other name is "digitalis." I imagine little foxes slipping their paws into these blooms, reaching up into tiny paw-gloves. We put our "digits" into gloves too, don't we?

I always find time in the mountains so refreshing. It invigorates my spirit like rain on parched ground.


  1. I can see why! It's gorgeous up there! Oh, was Sandy feeling neglected? She can come sit on my lap. It sounds like a wonderful family-filled fourth, MK!

  2. Sandy is definitely "second dog" when we're here, b/c Tasha is queen bee :) But I think Sandy has had fun. I bet she'd love a visit with you though, Pom!


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