Monday, March 25, 2013

An Artist's Delight!

Adam's mother is a painter and generously offered to send an easel to Julia. It arrived in the mail last week (while we were gone). This easel is so very beautiful -- plus it's very special. Julia's grandfather, "Papa John," gave it to Adam's mom one Christmas. It will be a treasure for years to come.
It's collapsible and light enough for Julia to carry. She can take it to the park, the dock, or the beach or anywhere in town where she might want to paint the lovely landscapes and waterscapes we have here.
She and I did a little light-hearted watercoloring today. Well, I started, and then she joined in.
Julia's not finished with hers yet. We decided on a water and boat theme.
Mine is done. It's kind of silly. I like the swirly water in the foreground. I suppose this represents Pamlico County, where we live. We have ocean nearby, and the placid river, lots of boats. But we have many pine forests and lots of farm land too.
This adorable lamb pencil sketch was done by my brother Max, who is the true artist in my family. Now you can see the kind of artistic genes Julia has in her heritage, plus the ones she gets from Adam's mom. Max doesn't do much art these days; he has a blueberry farm to manage.
But when he does draw, it's mighty fine. He sent this as my mother's birthday card.

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  1. He IS good! I love both yours and Julia's boat work! Well done!


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