Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So Far Behind ...

I'm so very behind in my online world! Too many blogs to read, emails to read, posts to respond to. I'm in the middle of writing a difficult post about judging others. And my daddy went into the hospital, so Julia and I packed in a hurry and drove 7 hours to the mountains to be here. What chaos! So ... here are some pretty flower pictures for you, because pretty flowers cover a multitude of disturbed spirits.

our bees

forsythia in bloom

Adam checks the frames for healthy bees.

This frame has some drone cells.

Tulip magnolias about to bloom

I'm sorry this last one, a video, is turned sideways. Just tilt your computer. I wanted to share this lovely wind element from my friends' garden. It's mesmerizing!
My spirit has been disturbed lately with stress, anxiety. I think coming to the mountains is a good thing, getting away from the normal commitments that fill each week. My parents' home is so calm. My daddy is better. (It was a stomach bug, but seemed more alarming in an elderly man with poor health.) Now Anna, who is here for her spring break from college, has the bug. Will we all be ill by week's end? I hope not. That's all for now -- more later.


  1. Oh sweet thing...sorry life is hard now, but glad you're somewhere different. What do they say..."A change is as good as a rest."

    Please take care, and I'll pray nobody else gets sick. And that those sick ones will heal QUICKLY. :)

  2. Yes, Melissa! That's the idea I was grasping for -- a change is as good as a rest! I've been putting off coming here, but I've needed it so much. It's difficult to admit to myself that sometimes home is a stressful place to be.

  3. Flowers and honey- keep holding on to flowers and hunny!

  4. So glad your dad is okay. That must have been scary. Such peaceful scenes you've posted. I hope that is what is in store for the days to come...peace.


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