Thursday, March 21, 2013

Welcome, Spring!

And now ... because spring is here and Easter is coming, here are some lovely images of our beautiful church:
Extra points if you can find the honey bee in this photo. There were many on these blossoms.
These Bradford pears were brilliant red last fall. They do put on a show.

And because Sandy is so cute ~
I'm laying low today because I have the stomach flu. Ick and double ick. We've all had it now, here in the mountain house. What a week! Time to recover and think about heading back to the sun on the Eastern shore.


  1. Gueris vite notre tres chere MK!

  2. I found the bee - have never seen a honeybee so black - is that an Eastern variety?

  3. Gorgeous church. I'll bet you're thrilled to be there each Sunday (and probably many days in between). :) But so sorry you've all been sick. I'm sure you need the rest, but not THIS way. Take care.

  4. I'm sorry you are sick esp with such pretty weather. My daughter thinks BPears smell like tortillas in the springtime. haha Your church is beautiful!

  5. Thank you, ladies. Gretchen, now that you mention it, that bee is rather dark. It might be a function of the lighting and the photo, but he may be a Mason bee. They're black.

  6. The church is so pretty! Sandy is adorable. I love her. Please get well!

  7. Beautiful for situation!

    Hope you are well and fully soon!


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