Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Jules and Chocolate Cake

Tonight, Julia and I are watching Julie and Julia. What a fun movie. (Except for the few scenes during which the 13 year old buries her face in an improving pillow. Not much of that in this movie.)
It's fun to watch a movie about the early days of blogging. Fun to see a person who's lost her way in life find direction. Fun to watch Meryl Streep do a great Julia Child.

For a month I've been longing for chocolate cake. The last time I suffered this malady I made a huge, deeply chocolate cake, ate a piece, and took the rest to church. It was heavy. There's a cake in this movie that resembles that cake, and it's brought my chocolate desire to a peak.

So here it is again, the chocolate infirmity. And during the movie I realized that I should not ignore it. Tomorrow I shall make a cake. It'll be a mix. The frosting will be from a tub. But my chocolate disorder will be subdued until at least May. Ya think?


  1. Yes, I think if chocolate cake is calling your name, you should answer.
    I loved Meryl in that movie.

  2. Betty Crocker rules at the minute in this house!! Loved that movie for all the same reasons! Meryl was insanely fabulous!

  3. An 'improving pillow'...I SO get that! You made me laugh. :) We have one of those pillows around here as well.

  4. "Improving pillow" made me chuckle. I have been known to start hollering "Close your eyes, close your eyes."

    I was craving chocolate cake around valentine's day and did the same thing, made a good rich one and took it to our small group. Post a picture, okay, so we can enjoy it virtually. :)

  5. A mix and a tub? My theory is if you are going to indulge and you keep it occasional, ..go for the best. I really like your solution of eat one piece and take the rest to church...that is the best!


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