Monday, March 4, 2013

Knitting Chickens

Over at "No Spring Chicken," Debbie has a great, easy pattern for making chickens. Go check her chickens out --
I was enamoured of this knitting-chickens idea, so I hunted up some chickenish yarn and started knitting a square, thus:
Only, I cast on too many stitches, and ran our of yarn, and ended up with a rectangle. Sigh. I'm such a mediocre knitter! So I set aside the onerous rectangle and picked some other yarn, this time starting much smaller.
I didn't remember to take a photo until I was fairly far along. But the instructions are straightforward, I think.
I used this yarn. The color is "Weathered Rock."
Here's the finished chicken. I didn't put on eyes, because I didn't think they would show up against that yarn. Honestly, I was ready to be done and start another one. I might add eyes later. And I didn't put the large button on the bottom because I didn't feel it was necessary. My chicken hasn't fallen over yet!
I need to perfect the whole wattle/beak/comb assembly.
She'll be at the market on Saturday, hopefully one of a flock :)
"Cluck! Cluck!"

Oh -- and now I've started unraveling the first rectangle, and I'm re-knitting it into a square. Live and learn.


  1. Is this a new layout? I like it. have been thinking about easter chicks- would this knit up in yellow double knitting for a more stereotypical chicken rather than your very realistic one?!

  2. Can't wait to see the whole flock!!

  3. Yes, Mags -- I did some work on my blog banner. Look at the next blog post below, and I give some details about that. I like the text on this one so much better. I don't know what double knitting is :( I'm pretty illiterate in knitting lingo. But whatever it is, I'd give it a shot!! :)
    GJ -- I do hope I get a flock. Then I hope that all the egg-sellers at the market fall in love with them and buy them!

  4. Yay for hens!
    I do like the speckled look! Well done, MK!

  5. What a cute chicken! Look how well the yarn resembles its feathers! Very nice.

  6. Thanks, ladies! I've finished three of them now. This first one is the smallest! I think they're mighty cute -- I wonder if any customers will be excited too?


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