Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bunny Failure

I did try the bunny pattern; I promise I did! Remember the one I showed you here?
I must confess, I did not follow her instructions exactly. I chose cotton yarn. She did not specify a type of yarn, but if I'd looked carefully at her first photo, I could have seen that she used a silky acrylic yarn. Perhaps it doesn't stretch like cotton does?
I knitted a lovely square with the whole skein, but mine was larger than hers -- about 12 or 13".
Then I started stitching and forming the bunny. I made the head; so far so good.
I did the front paws. They seemed to look like hers did.
But when I'd finished the whole body, you can see what I had -- a bulgy, wide back that looks more like a chicken. A plump chicken.
From the side, it looked fat, but not like a bunny. And from behind?  On my! Just plain ugly!
I never did make the ears or the tail. It's possible it would have looked better with them, but I doubted that the bunny would look good enough for the market. Plus ... I didn't like it. So I took out all the stitching and ended up with a nice, square, flat washcloth in the end. I think I'll un-knit it and make a washcloth with a new, fun stitch. Here it is -- the Double Moss stitch (scroll down to see it) from "Wayside Sacraments" blog.


  1. Oh no! When I looked at the pattern, I thought, "Hmmmm. There looks like some room for major errors there." I did not try it, though. I had a nice little bunny pattern years ago. I can't find it now.
    When I was in high school, learning to crochet in home economics class, my friends crocheted mice. I could only master the granny square.
    You are good to try, MK!

  2. The acrylic would stretch more than the cotton, I think. You get an A for effort, MK.


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