Sunday, March 3, 2013

The New PicMonkey Header

A friend of mine just updated her blog and redid her header. She's Kaedra, and I loved her header -- the text is fresh. And she uses blogger! How'd she do it?

I asked, and she referred me to Karen at "Sew Many Ways." Karen has a fabulous tutorial on how to use Picmonkey to edit photos, overlay photos, apply text, and then import this into your blogger header.  Here's the link to Picmonkey.

Talk about easy! Picmonkey doesn't make you sign up or sign in. On the home page, you simply drag the photo you want to edit straight onto an icon, and presto! you're at work. They make it easy; they make it free.

And that's one thing I love about the internet. Kaedra shared her info for free. Karen shared a tutorial for free that took her plenty of time to construct -- and then she visited my blog and sent me a quick email to say hello! And Picmonkey? I give them five stars for being a huge improvement over Iphoto, and not asking me for a password and ten points of personal information on me, before I could use their site.

I hope you like the header. I adore the text, something blogger is simply abysmal at. You can't even adjust the font on the blog subtitle, on blogger. Picmonkey lets you place and manipulate the text in your banner a multitude of ways. Thank you, Kaedra, Karen, and Picmonkey!

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  1. The header is spiffy and I love the font as well. Yay for you! :)


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