Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Benefits of Killing Off a Bunny

Remember the bunny failure? And how I thought I might just unknit the whole thing? Well, I did.
I decided to make a small wash cloth. I used Wayside Sacraments Double Moss Stitch, and it is a great stitch. It's a tricky, tedious pattern to read. When I come across a pattern like that, I try very hard to learn the pattern by looking at the work, and seeing which row, which stitch, comes next.
Then I can put the pattern aside and not look at it again, which is a relief. I used circular needles ... for the first time! Yay for me! I'm still deciding if I like them. For some very long knitting projects with hundreds of cast on stitches, they're essential. These are size 6.
It's a fun, tidy, bumpy stitch of alternating knit and purl.
I made one wash cloth (slightly larger than one's hand). Then I made another.
Then I made a soap pouch which resembles remarkably an Easter egg!! And still I have not used up all the yarn I knit to make that bunny. So you see, it's very beneficial to kill and cannibalize your bunnies, when they disappoint.


  1. Adorable, and you definitely made the right call. I have a fondness for this particular yarn because when we first moved to New Bern, I was expecting our first child. A woman who worked with one of my SIL's made us a baby blanket with this yarn. I never met the woman, but was always touched at her doing that.

    You're onto another winner. Very sweet, oh talented one. :)

  2. Oh, that turned out so pretty! It *is* a tedious pattern, isn't it? I have to take notes on where I am as I knit because if I get distracted for a minute I have no idea what I have done and I can't always trust my eyes. I hope I will get better at the visual part though. I like your pouch, too! Very cute!

  3. Circulars are my favorite for almost all projects, especially when traveling as they're difficult to lose -smile-.
    Pretty yarn.


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