Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gathering Children

Last week at my parents' house was rather bizarre. I drove there in a frenzied hurry of worry about my dad's health. Soon we realized that he had the stomach flu. And then we all proceeded to bear witness to the stomach flu ourselves. There were no fun trips to town. No teas at neighbors' homes, nor teas with them in our home. No romps in the woods. Just lots of sleep and feeling ill. My poor mother -- all the meals she'd planned and shopped for? Nada.
Needless to say, blogging and photography were not high on my list. The last day I grabbed a few inferior photos. Here's Anna in her usual spot. It's morning, so she has Anna Big Hair:
I nearly got this photo of Julia before she realized it! Then she sat up in protest, and you see the result:
Peter, thankfully, was asleep. He's been working hard on tests and papers for college, and this week of spring break will be recovery for him.
Soon he transitioned from the above position to the one below. Bless his sweet heart! I couldn't resist taking a picture. Isn't he precious?
Just before we left, I asked them to gather for a photo. To give my mother credit, she's in her bathrobe after cooking a huge breakfast for us, and hadn't even had a minute to comb her hair. She's always a sport :) When you have college kids, you treasure any day where you have most of you together. How I loved being with three of my kids last week!
On the drive up to get Peter at college, I grabbed this picture of the rocky hillside in the mountains near Cashiers -- ice! It's been windy and cold all over the state, but they were expecting snow that day at high elevations. This coastal gal isn't used to such treatment!
Blessings to all of you ~~

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  1. How wonderful you were able to spend time with your family; even if you didn't feel well. Glad you're doing better and at home, safe and sound.


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