Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Big Purchase

Julia has been saving her money. She has a little helpful work she does for a local group, and she's earned some money from her artwork that's won some prize money this year. The total amount has crept slowly up. She's been saving for the big purchase:  her own computer!
It arrived in the mail yesterday. Her daddy found a new Nexus reader (made by Google) for a good price. She thought she'd have to wait many more months before she had enough money, but a 7" screen is just fine by her, and it does everything she wants it to do.
Tada!! There it is! She's been ever so happy.
Of course, we have some rules, things she can and can't watch. We keep a good eye on what's been viewed on our Netflix account. And she can only have it after school is done each day and on weekends. But that's plenty of computing fun.
I must say, I'm proud of her for buying it all herself. She's only 13, and we have never done allowance money with our kids. Just goes to show that a child can be responsible, save money, and work toward a goal, if the motivating object is in view :) Good work, Julia!


  1. Well done, Julia and Mum and Dad!

  2. Way to go. A fun reward for her hard work. And it's cute besides. :)

  3. Yay! She'll have so much fun and learn so much, too!
    She should continue to sell her art. You should, too.
    I think she should write a story about her boat.

  4. That's really a good idea, Pom. She could definitely write the story, and illustrate it too.

  5. Julia, well done! You'll enjoy it all the more, knowing you made it happen.


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