Monday, July 22, 2013


Arapahoe is a small town near Oriental. The other day I was parked in the shade of this church's sycamore trees. What an interesting old building!
The church's name is Anointed Remnant. I'm not certain that anyone still meets in the building, but I don't think so. It bore the forlorn look of a structure without human tending for some time.
Beautiful stained glass windows grace it on all sides. Purple, blue, green.
A large Roman tower sits on one corner, and the stained glass continues all around. You can see the false back and front on the roof line. That look always reminds me of the Alamo.
This dilapidated store is also in Arapahoe; I've been wanting to get a photo of it for months. No one bothered to remove the tree that crashed on its roof, perhaps during Hurricane Irene.
I waited in the church's shade for these two to arrive. Anna got her driving permit. She's had a permit before, when she was in high school. She got it this time again so she can practice driving on the roads before she goes to take her driving test. At the summer's end, she'll drive across the state back to college in her sporty red wheels!


  1. Oh, my Anna wishes she was zipping around in a red car. All in due time. That is a very unusual church. I would love to come across a stained glass window for my house. I have just the place to hang it. :)

  2. It's a sad story that building is telling us about the anointed remnant. But Anna's story - that's happy!

  3. Darling daughter in her car. :) And I agree, it does remind me of the Alamo as well. I love churches, and could spend days and days exploring them. Not sure why, but it's a favorite past-time.


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