Friday, July 26, 2013

Three Generations in Town

Just in case anyone was worried, yes, I did get my slab-o-pie for breakfast this morning.
And then Mother, Hannah, and I were off to town for a day of shopping! We hit two thrift stores and the grocery; however, a stop at Bracken Mountain Bakery is required for us to soldier on through the stresses of all that purchasing!
This is the healthy stuff. Hannah and I split a blue cheese/onion flat bread.
This is the bad-for-you stuff. It is placed closer to the customers and under lights. Hannah and I also split a strawberry danish.
Their English muffins are the best in the whole world. A lady from California was in front of us in the line. She bought about 6 sleeves of these muffins. Her explanation was that she could not get anything like them in California. She was stocking up.
Across from the register is this astounding mural oil painting by Brevard artist Larry Gray. I've seen other of his work, and it is lovely in a rather ethereal and apocalyptic way.
Generation #1 chats with generation #3. We spent the day explaining to people that yes, Hannah is her granddaughter, but no, I'm not Hannah's mom. I've thoroughly enjoyed Hannah's company this week. We giggled our way through the grocery store.
Next door to the bakery is Rocky's, an old fashioned soda shop. Good for an ice cream and a hot dog.
We're back home. Today my sister-in-law Faith arrives with two little nieces. (And I do believe I hear the pitter patter of little feet downstairs this very minute!) Tomorrow eight campers return from their week away. On Sunday, seven more family members arrive from Iowa with a doggie in tow. I'll keep you posted on all the adventures!


  1. Oh, more beautiful sights and tasty food. And beautiful family members. :)

  2. Yummy! Bakery goods = favorite!
    Your mom is such a snappy dresser! So cute!
    Thinking of you as you feed the crowd! love love love


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