Thursday, July 18, 2013

Guess the Gadget!

Alright, bloggy friends. Here's a puzzle for ya. Philip ordered this gadget on Amazon. It cost him 92¢. 92¢!! And free shipping! He'd seen rave reviews of it online and decided to give it a try. Here's what it looks like:
Can you guess what it's for? No, it's not a malfunctioning whisk. The tip ends might give you a hint. Actually you're supposed to hold it this way:
No cheating now. Think about it. Really put your head into it -- use your brains! Is it decorative? Does it sit over a light bulb? Useful for blowing bubbles at parties? Keep thinking ...

I'll have Philip give you a demonstration ...

It feels mighty good!

It's a head scratcher!
And that's my ridiculous post for the year. But yes, we're serious. And yes, it feels great on your scalp. And yes, it only cost him 92¢, all the way from China.


  1. Those gadgets have a rather different name here in the UK! []

  2. I've been seeing those around a lot lately...and even at a friends house while cat sitting. It crossed my mind that it is sort of thing that is personal, like a toothbrush. :)

  3. We have one of those up in the closet. It doesn't do the trick for us!


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