Wednesday, July 17, 2013

From the Green Isle

Dear reader, you can tell that the busy time of summer has arrived. I am persona absentia, more than I prefer. Yesterday, a joyous parcel arrived at my door ... from Ireland!! It was from my dear buddy, Mags!  She did a blog give-away at the end of June, teasing us with an offer of "strawberries and cream" for the winner. And guess who won? ME!!
Yes, and there is the cream -- a lovely, soft, creamy-white scarf made by Mags herself. I'm wearing it right now, in spite of the above-100ยบ F heat index outside. I'm inside in my air conditioning, and the scarf feels fine. What a nice stitch!
Here's the first photo I took of it. I put it here only for laughing purposes. This is why I don't include head shots of me. I promise I'm not grumpy; that's my "concentrate hard on self-photo arm angle" face.
And here are the darling strawberries ~~
Cuteness!! While on vacation in the Lake District, Mags and her family are visiting Beatrix Potter's stomping grounds. And Mags has decided to re-read Potter's endearing children's books this summer. That's a noble goal! I should do it too, but I have other reading beckoning me. I'm finishing The Dean's Watch by Goudge. Then I must start L'Engle's A Circle of Quiet. I sneaked a peak at the first pages. Then I'll plow into Fisher's The Art of Eating, at last. But Mags's sweet Potter card will be my bookmark while I read Fisher, reminding me that Miss Potter's turn is next!
Adam is making Mongolian Beef as I type this, so I'm off to dinner and its delights! If I'm a sporadic blogger for the next week or so it's because I'll be at my parents' house, so please forgive me! Ta-ta for now!


  1. I'm very glad that it all arrived safely! The pattern is in that Cute and Easy crochet book that we all have at Hookery. It was a fun stitch to do, but I worried about so many stitches hanging on one chain in the shells. Can you see that, or indeed suggest something stronger? I hope a little bit of Ireland will keep you warm in winter!

  2. What a nice gift! (And we should put our candid photos together:) I have read the Beatrix Potter books out loud to my children many, many times. I really like how the words feel in your mouth (or sound to your ears).


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