Saturday, July 6, 2013

Riding in the Parade

Here are the promised photos of our church's parade float decoration and the exuberant hilarity we enjoyed while riding along.
One friend brought his truck and trailer.
We already had church signs for the sides of the truck.
We had two kinds of banners for the sides of the trailer. We had to hold it firmly against the wind.
Bows on the corners, and we had lots of help. Yay for staple guns!
We blew up balloons.
 And blew up balloons.
 And blew up balloons.
Oh yeah -- all smiles :)
Many hands make little work, my mother always said.

We met again this morning to claim our spot in the parade float line-up. We even had two doggies along too, Sandy and Boomer!
Some of us even donned Uncle Sam hats. We blew bubbles from the little wands and sprayed some silly string into the street.
Happy July 4th! Happy Parade Day! Happy Croakerfest!
We all loved our friend's cute antennae.
And this precious lady thought ahead and brought her Independence Day hat and a bright blue umbrella.
We had such fun and plan to do this again next year. We threw well over 1000 pieces of candy to the children lining the streets. Isn't it odd that during parades parents encourage their children to accept candy from strangers that is thrown to them and lands in the street -- even in the ditch? And to compete with other kids and dash near moving vehicles for it? Crazy Americans. I wonder:  do they do this in any other country?

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  1. What a great weekend you had! Blowing up a bazillion balloons together is a great bonding experience:)


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