Monday, July 22, 2013

Off to Mudgeville!

We took eight campers over to Ridgehaven today. They were so very excited. All eight will be in the GAW camp -- "Great Adventure Week." This means they sleep in large canvas tents (with wood floors), cook over a fire (sometimes), go on long hikes, and do more outdoorsy things than the other campers do. The GAW camps take place in a Ridgehaven location affectionately called Mudgeville.
Pictured above, l-r: Katie, Patience, Hannah, Justice (on couch); Ben (prone); Nathan, Honor, Julia, Clark (on floor)
Two of the beauties, Patience and Hannah
I didn't get many good shots. When all the cousins arrived at last, we were busy eating lunch, packing and loading, and trying to keep the younger ones focused. They were intent to go play in the muddy creek on my parents' property, instead of getting ready to drive over to Ridgehaven!
Clark and Julia got involved in a lively sort of stand-up arm wrestling, while waiting in the registration line.
Not sure who won ....
This bunch calls themselves the '99ers." Julia, Clark, Nathan, Justice -- all born within 6 months of each other in 1999. They've been pretty tight for years. Julia is the oldest.
Only Hannah didn't get to be a camper this year; she's too old! Boohoo for her! Personally, I'm happy to come back to my folks' house and relax in the quietude, after taking all those boisterous, noisy, joyful, beautiful teens over to their little piece of summer paradise.

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  1. Such beautiful kids. Oh, and btw, love the kitchen shot. Lovely light you've got in that one. :)


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