Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Length of North Carolina

Yesterday I drove from this:
Looking east up the Neuse River at midday
And this:
Sailing on the Neuse in morning sun
To the other North Carolina extreme:
The Blue Ridge at sunset
And this:
The view from my parents' windows
You'd think these are the two edges of the state, but actually Oriental is over an hour from the ocean and my parents' house is several hours from the very corner of the state in the west. North Carolina is a Very Long State!
I'm eating well, as you can see.
We're here for Julia and many of her cousins to go to camp for the week. Mother found this photo in a drawer.The kids are standing in their back yard. I'd say this is about nine years ago. I'll put this on facebook and tag everyone I can. We've done years and years of camp, wonderful memories, close cousins.
Okay, I'll name them, for anybody who wants to know:
back row, l-r: Philip, Kesse holding Oscar
next row, l-r: Katie, Kayren, Lorien, Hannah (the hair!), William, Peter, Anna
next row, l-r: Nathan, Justice, Patience, Aleya behind Honor, Ben, Julia
missing: Jathan, Kyrie, Clark, a few babies maybe who couldn't make it?


  1. What a beautiful state you live in. I have only been in the very western corner. You *are* eating well. Yum! Have fun!

  2. that must have been a thrilling experience


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