Wednesday, July 31, 2013

No Time to Chat

We're insanely busy, so I'm gonna give you a nice pile of pictures from the past five days, with captions.
Two little nieces reading on the stairs
All little cousins like to sit on their grandparents' steps. It's a family trait.
Julia was at camp all last week.
She slept in a tent.
She made a friend ...
... or two.
After camp we all went to church together on Sunday. The flowers were pretty.
Teenaged cousins eat, A LOT.
My niece Kyrie and her hubby of one year, Jonathan
When I tried to take a photo of cute cousins, Katie bolted from the chair.
But I got a cute pic of her anyway :)
Ben is a great boy, and he likes his dear sister, Hannah. Do we have some good looks in this family, or what?
The eating was fairly constant.
The Iowa cousins arrived -- Kesse and Hannah.
Kyrie, Julia, Kayren, Kesse, Hannah, Patience, Aleya, Katie -- holding Nathan and Ben
Cousins give the best back rubs.
Julia, Kayren and I bought new rings at Linda's Rock Shop!
Then we went to Quotations Coffee Shop and Alynn got me a chai latte.
We also dashed to Pisgah Forest. Some friends had a birthday party there. Julia and Aleya took a turn in the tubes.
Kyrie and Jonathan are expecting their first bambino.
On the way home yesterday we stopped in Statesville and Mooresville, and dropped in at Birkdale Village.
I love the Fragrance Shop. If you have a smell you love, they have it.
Hundreds of apothecary jars
We had some time to visit with Kara and Peter! They look great.
I had to share this innovative planter idea.
Back in Oriental, the kids went sunfish sailing today.
Aleya and Kesse did a fine job of it.

Julia, Kesse, and Aleya took to the oars.

Then Jonathan and Kayren jumped on the sunfish. He was a natural.
The sunfish must have worn Kayren out because she fell asleep with her crochet hook in hand.


  1. It looks like you all had lots of good fun! I bet you are pooped!

  2. That's a lot of people all together. Looks like a lot of fun too!

  3. What good times! Happy faces and lovely scenery.


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