Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Sold a Book This Past Week

Three Against the Dark
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Adam tells me, every now and then, how my book sales are going on Amazon. It always surprises me that it's still selling. He says I sell about one copy each month now. That makes me happy!

Remember that the profits of the sale of this book will all go to help families adopt children from the Pleven orphanage? This is such a righteous, noble cause, dear friends. If you want to know the beautiful redemption of abandoned children that's happening, please read Susannah Musser's blog, The Blessing of Verity.  If you click on that link you can read about the blessings of a large family, adopting two special needs kids from this orphanage. Scroll down on the post until you find the photo of two children sitting in high chairs. That's Tommy and Katie, miracles from God. I want to help bring home more children just like them.

So far I've sold 31 e-copies of my book. I have $78.34 of profits amassed. Amazon won't send me a check for my profits until that total reaches $100. So I need to sell ten more copies to reach that goal.
I'm not asking for donations. (Hmm. Maybe I should! It might go faster than selling books - haha!)

I'm offering you a good book, a children's book about rescuing children. I think it's a great story. Personally, I would start with chapter 3. I never have liked those two new chapters I tacked on to the beginning :) (How's that for honesty?)

So:  help bring home orphans! Enjoy a good book! I can't wait to contact Susannah with the news that I have some hard cash to contribute to the fund for the next family, the next child to come home.  Won't you help? My pipe dream would be for this book to really take off, to sell thousands and thousands of copies, and for all of it to go toward the safe adoption of these precious children into loving families. Wouldn't that be wonderful? I won't have much to contribute, and we can't adopt a child ourselves, but I'd love to give what I can -- my writing.

If you know a family with kids who have computers and use e-books, please recommend this good cause. Thank you, dear friends!

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  1. MK, finally finished my copy and it was wonderfully well written but it scared the socks off me...yeah, I'm a sap but it did frighten me. I felt there was an invasive feeling of evil throughout and was always frightened for the children. It really disturbed me was Very Well Written!


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