Saturday, July 6, 2013


How's THAT for an ice cream vendor?
And yes, the sign next to the ice cream pile does say "alligator." They sell alligator to eat. Bleh.
And crabcakes. A town festival with a river view like this? Fabulous! And there's a constant hefty breeze that whisks the bugs away and keeps everyone cool.
South Ave. by Lou Mac Park is a throng of people buying and selling. The river is speckled with sails.
See what I mean by a pleasant breeze?
From the town pier, you can tell the vendors have a million dollar view! Not a bad way for these traveling folks to spend a weekend!
And the other end of the street.
This is my friend's house. it's right in front of all the activity, directly across from the giant ice cream cone. She stays on her porch for 3 days, making sure people don't walk inside looking for a bathroom (yes, they've done that) or walking in the back door as brave as you please, or parking in her driveway. She lets them sit on her lawn under her gargantuan live oak trees. Shade is at a premium.
The parade was today at 10:00. More pics later from our church's fun float. Here's the "Croaker Band" -- and believe me, they don't sound like a bunch of frogs!
Their slogan.
I thought next year our church should have a sign: "Before you croak, get right with Jesus!"
What in the world is a croaker anyway? It's a humble little fish, and Oriental chose it to represent our annual festival. Other towns have strawberry festivals, or watermelons, or even pork or turkeys. But we're Oriental; we're just a little odd here.


  1. MK, I enjoy your blog so much! Thank you for the window into your family's life and into the town of Oriental. You have a real gift for writing and I'm so glad that you share it via the blog and FB. At this time our part of the Robinson family is starting to plan a possible get together on Bogue Banks for next summer. I hope that at least some of us can come and worship with you all during that time. I haven't seen you since you were a teenager, but through FB I feel that I know you a bit. Maybe you and Adam can come to the island and have dinner with us one night if this works out. Tammy is willing to consider coming all the way from Texas! Cousin Karen

  2. This was a charming post, MK. I know what your friend means...during festivals, tours, etc. here, people have walked into my house and been found wandering around..."Oh, we just wanted to see what you've done to the place."
    I felt like asking if they wanted to see the basement, that's where I buried the bodies.

  3. What a cute post... before you croak...

  4. I love your sign idea! It's perfect. Your friend's house!!!! Well, no wonder folks just waltz right in. It is so inviting. All those chairs say, "Come. Have a seat. Come in and go..." Naw, just kidding on the last part. But love it and that round topped door is so cute. You live in the part of the US I have not visited so it all looks very foreign and FUN.


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