Monday, July 15, 2013

Cute Bags on the Loose!

Sorry to be AWOL for a couple of days.Weekends are busy. Adam and I took Julia to stay with friends for the week. Whenever we drive west of New Bern, I feel like we're leaving "our world." Anyway, we met Julia's friends at a Cracker Barrel, and since I had a few extra minutes, I went inside. I didn't intend to shop. But then I saw this bag.
Adorable much? It's heavy-duty plastic, a nice large shopping bag. I bet three gallon jugs of milk could fit along its bottom.
It has a sturdy double handle and a snap on the top.
Best of all, it was on sale for only $1.49!
Then I saw this funny one. It was marked down to only a dollar.
This is my favorite bag -- also $1.49. I love the rooster.
I'm not quite sure I want to put my asparagus  and melty ice cream in this lovely item.
They had quite a selection of bags like these, about seven different styles. The rooster bag had this copyright on the bottom:
If you live near a Cracker Barrel, zip over there and snatch up a few. I love these sturdy grocery bags we're using these days. I've put aside the plastic and paper bags that must be recycled; what a waste! When shopping can be this cute, who wants ugly bags?


  1. AWOL for a few days and you apologize...aren't you something! I don't think of myself as AWOL when I can't, don't or wont post on my blogs...I am just grateful when I do have time and energy and inspiration to put up a post or read one someone else generously shared about their life and times...So thank you.
    I might write more comments to you if I didn't have to decipher that faint lettering business to prove I am not a robot...but I understand.

  2. Hi MK! How inspiring. Maybe that's why I always forget my shopping bags in the car! They're black!
    I'll have to pull into Cracker Barrel next time I go to Ft. Collins.

  3. Oooh, Susan Winget, one of my favorite artist's in the Lang collection! Cute bags!

    (Came to your blog by way of your comment at Dewey's Treehouse.)

  4. Those are cute. I just noticed a new CBarrel earlier this week not as far as the old one in our vicinity. I forgot I could just shop there.

  5. Lisa Beth -- welcome! Thanks for stopping by!
    WW -- Cracker Barrel is really a great place to shop, esp. if you nab their sales. And I really like their old fashioned toys, things you can't find in regular stores. Great stocking stuffers, plus they sell lots of Yankee Candles!

  6. Oh, Jeannette -- I'm sorry about the scrabbly access code stuff in order to comment. I hate it also, on other blogs. But I was getting SO much spam at one time. Then I tried to just approve each comment, but that was too confusing, b/c each comment was coming to my email twice, and it was frazzling my brain. So I'm stuck with this. I apologize!

  7. Cute bags! I'm a sucker for shopping bags like these. But California is one of the few states that don't have Cracker Barrel...

  8. No Cracker Barrels! No way! I love those stores. Decent food too. And easy to find. I'm sorry, GJ!


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