Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We asked some friends over for supper tonight, and Adam promised them bread. And fondue. Oh yeah! Yesterday he started his dough for his baguettes. He baked seven of them. Aren't they yummy looking?
Just in case one photo wasn't enough for you ...
He made cheese fondue for the baguettes, using mostly provolone, plus some gruyere for flavor, and a little white wine. Corn starch thickens the fondue. But I wanted some chocolate fondue as well, for dessert. I made my mother's best-in-the-entire-world chocolate sauce. (That link will take you to the recipe.) Then I dashed to the store for an angel food cake mix. Tada!
Seriously -- you add only water to this mix! How easy is that? I didn't have a tube pan, but I had a bundt pan. Never again will I think "bundt" without recalling the entire scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, in the front yard. I cooled it on a glass bottle, just like I remember my mother doing years ago.
And it turned out very well, and tasted great!
I cut strawberries. And do you see a few marshmallows over there? There's nothing as fabulous, dipped in chocolate sauce, as a large marshmallow. Don't just take my word for it; try it yourself! (I've confessed to this decadence before.)
Here's the mouth-watering combination of angel food cake, dipped in warm chocolate sauce. Oh my!
And Adam's cheese fondue was fantastic with the baguettes. A successful meal of fun, and lest any of you are worried about our diets, Adam allowed plenty of extra calories and carbs so he could have some of the bread and cheese. He doesn't really do sweets, so the chocolate was no temptation for him. Can you imagine?
If you've never made fondue, you should give it a try. These little fondue pots and matching skinny-long-forks are often for sale in thrift shops. It's a cheery way to really share a meal with a group.


  1. Fondue is a tradition - usually around New Year's and sometimes around a birthday. Angel food cake is my most favorite kind of cake. I remember by grandmother (we called her Myna) making it, cooling it on a glass ketchup bottle, and then serving with her cut up strawberries which had been soaking in some sugar.

  2. How nice! I love fondue! You guys created a lovely evening for your guests!

  3. Everything, except the marshmallows, looks tasty...I farm so I rarely eat marshmallows -grin-. That Adam...he's a keeper...along with his bread.

  4. That all looks and sounds so yummy! I will resist the temptation to wonder why my husband doesn't make bread. Ha. And I love a marshmallow and often make smores in the microwave with dark chocolate. Yum.


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