Monday, February 24, 2014

Adam's Employees Are Back Home

Yes, they are! All 30,000 of them!
A friend with a truck helped Adam move the beehives here to our house. Much of the joy of being a beekeeper (for Adam) is being able to sit and simply watch his bees. Now he can do that again every day, without leaving the yard.
He's put the hives on this end of the house where the morning sun will hit them first. Here you see that they are in afternoon shade, which will be a good thing in the heat of summer. The morning sun is their "alarm" -- it wakes them up and tells them to go flying and get to work.
This is the Langstroth hive. Both hives are healthy after the winter.
And here's the Warre hive. Our hives are not cute and painted like some of my friends' hives. I think we'll give them a coat of paint so folks in Oriental don't think our bees are an eyesore. But bees are so very important to our crops, our future, to pollinating everything, that I think our friends in Oriental will be happy to see them here.


  1. We have a dear friend at church who used to keep bees. They are indeed fascinating little creatures. Impressive to see this!

  2. Thank you for taking such good care of the bees.

  3. What do the names of the hives mean? I didn't know they were named.

  4. How neat is that. Do you collect the honey? If you'd like to keep them more natural looking, you could stain them. How do you paint with the bees coming and going?

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  5. I'm glad the employees are buzzing around happily!


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