Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter Wonderland

They told us "snow." I think they meant "SNOW."
First thing this morning, it already looked like this:
Very lovely
A bit later, the roads were covering.
Julia took a break from studying biology to attempt a snowman with Beau. She said Beau kept running into the snowman's base and ramming it apart.
The doggies are crazy about this mysterious white substance :)
Just five minutes outside, and Julia's hair is getting snowy. It has been snowing steadily, and often heavily, for almost 12 hours now.
So again, we snuggled down for the day. Olympic figure skating is good company.
I graded some of Julia's biology work.
And the snow kept pouring down.
Adam walked to the grocery store this morning in shorts (!!!). He's making a yummy batch of his French onion soup for our supper tonight. (Photos are here.)The aroma fills the house as he reduces the onions in cast iron in the oven for several hours.
Meanwhile Julia and I read a bit of Herodotus's Histories and then finished Book 21 in Homer's Iliad. We read about Miltiades, an ancient Olympian who won in his event, the four-horse chariot race. And we read how Apollo tricked Achilles into chasing him, so that the exhausted Trojan soldiers could safely escape behind the strong walls of Troy.
And I'm working on the blanket still. See the empty bowl there? Split pea soup for my lunch. Lots of soup today!
About 2:00 PM I told Adam I was ready to take a walk around town. He calls these "blog walks" because he knows I'll take photos ... just for YOU, dear readers.
Adam bundled up in his coat from Iowa. He wears it so rarely that we actually misplaced it for several years.
The snow was rather deep and untrodden.
Oriental almost never looks like this!
The water in the ditches is freezing over.
I don't think my friends, the sail repair couple, are working much today.
Those are tiny red crabs dangling from the porch. Above, icicles dangle too.
Hodges Street -- where our market tables should be set up on Saturday.
And our town dock, with one very chilly-looking sailboat. I watched one of its occupants attempting to clamber back aboard. She nearly didn't make it. The local boat-dwellers were warming themselves in The Bean when we stepped in there. We stood at the windows and stared at her grappling her way over the rail, hoping she wouldn't fall in the water! Brrr!
The poor duckies in the harbor must have very cold undersides!
One small branch off the duck pond is freezing on its edges ...
... and its two ducks were playing happily together.
We didn't freeze! We do enjoy each others' company.
I'll be watching the rest of this "snow event" from the comfort of my couch. The big picture window in our living room is great for viewing the crazy-people going by. A minute ago, someone in a plastic-covered golf cart drove by. Really!
Supposedly, a heavy rain tomorrow should wash this all away. However ... under those six inches of snow is a mass of firm slush. If it freezes tonight, and the temps don't rise much tomorrow, we could be looking at another couple days of hunkering down and watching the world out the window.
Happy Winter, all!


  1. So, so, so, SO jealous! It's going to get to 60 degrees this weekend here.:( Hoping for one last bit of winter before spring arrives. Enjoy, M.K.! Happy for you! Lori

  2. How lovely! Snowy day --- soup and good reads and a stroll. We're supposed to get ours tomorrow. I really don't want to see anything except a pretty, photo-worthy snowfall. No ice. No mess. No inconvenience!

  3. Wow! That is really amazing! One of my student's mother is in North Carolina picking up their new puppy and she sent back a video of the snow. Beau is getting big! He's almost full grown, isn't he?
    LOVE the blanket SO much!

  4. Wow, it looks so cold. Thank you for sharing your walk, I enjoyed it sitting here in my chair. :-) French onion soup and split pea soup both sound delicious to me. I think I'll make Moroccan Chickpea Stew today.

    Have a wonderful indoor day.

    Love and hugs and thanks for all of your encouragement ~ FlowerLady

  5. Beautiful blanket and how much snow do you have today...Thursday morning? We've got a foot and it's still coming down. Drifts of 2.5 feet and Carly is having a tough time moving around. I had to pull her to her feet this morning but she ate breakfast, took her meds and then started in on hay. I need to carry some water to her next.

  6. What crazy, weird weather everyone has been having. Our snow came down hard for several days, the most we've had in 6 years. Then yesterday it warmed up and now almost all of it is gone. I hope the same for you. You got some great photos. Loved the ones of the dogs and your daughter, all your soup sounds so yummy and warming. Oh that house with the little red crab ornaments was really cute.


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