Saturday, February 1, 2014

Adventures in Eating ~

Sunday evening is a very relaxed time at our house. The eating is, as we call it, "get as get can." That means you're on your own; help yourself! I wanted something warm. Something like a bowl of soup, but not from a can. Then I found these noodles. I bought them at a fun Asian grocery in New Bern, Thai, I believe. Aren't they cute?
So I took one noodle nest ...
And boiled it briefly in a saucepan of hot water.
Then I added a bit of these three. Heavier on the hoisin sauce, a bit less of the oyster sauce. Careful with that Mae Ploy -- it's fabulous, but spicy hot. See? It says "sweet chili sauce." Kind of sweet-and-sour, but more sweet-and-hot.
A few seconds later, I had this -- perfection!
I left some water in it for a broth. At first it was rather bland, so I opened up the sauce bottles yet again. Then (you guessed it) it was spicey!! But good. I avoid spicey generally, so for me, this was an adventure in the kitchen. The calorie count on those noodles is (unfortunately) a bit high, about 300 calories. But that was dinner, so I'm not worrying.


  1. Good for you, having adventures in the kitchen and all!

  2. A delightful culinary adventure! YUM! Looking forward to reading by the fire with toasted pita bread and hummus here. Oh, and an ice cold Diet Pepsi, too! Have to exercise first, though. Boo. Lori

  3. Sundays are like that here, too. Often we just have popcorn.

  4. Looks yummy, although Im not a spicey eater either LOL Sunday night dinner here is tradition....... yep, its a roast, even on a day like today where we are sweltering in the heat of summer. It's a labour of love for Pete, and really, a roast is quite easy, it kind of cooks itself.
    Hugs Sharm


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