Friday, February 14, 2014

How Adam Says, "I Love You"

Adam and I discussed what to do for Valentine's Day. We always enjoy this annual celebration of love, romance, and devotion to our marriage. And always ... we've gone out to eat. And always ... we've bought each other decadent, high-calorie chocolate and sweets.
This year, Adam bought me roses, such beautiful roses!
He's saving me from downing excess calories, for which I'm grateful.
Anyway, we decided not to go out to eat. An elegant romantic dinner, complete with the little extras that make it romantic (ambiance, fine food, coffee, dessert, etc.) would be pricey for our pockets and our waistlines. Instead, we opted to stay home for the day. Adam said he would cook for us ... all day ... planning our meals with me so I could eat the things I love, not spend a small fortune for indifferent food, and stay under our calorie count. I mean really! When you have a hubby who cooks better than most restaurant chefs, why pay for restaurant food?
I asked for waffles. I adore waffles. That's my cranberry relish on top, a great alternative when fresh summer strawberries are unavailable. And he brought me hot chai and O.J. And yes, it was breakfast-in-bed.
He and Bo-Beau said "Good morning, Mama!"
Good cards were in short supply this year. This is the best I could do. We like doggie cards.
For lunch, he made fresh bread, and a lovely chicken salad with toasted almonds and fresh pineapple. There's plenty for leftovers too.
This afternoon, Oriental was sunny and 50ยบ, so I took a bike ride! It felt so very good to be gliding along our little streets. These benches are where Adam and I love to sit and relax together in early evening, when weather and mosquitoes permit.
Look who came strollin' along with the pups, while I was riding:
Julia took the pups away on a walk while Adam and I sat at Lou Mac Park in the chairs, where we love to sit in the summer, watching the river and dolphins go by.
Then Adam came home to make supper. He started with a light green salad, pre-dressed.
This is the supper I've been asking for. He makes this assortment quite often, but I wanted a truly tender medallion of steak -- succulent, melt-in-the-mouth steak. The fingerling potatoes were soft, and that creamy dressing on them is lovely.
Roses are for love.
For dessert, he made lemon tarts in adorable little tart pans, with a light, delicious shell, all from scratch. And my calorie count for the day (including popcorn if I choose to have it) is 2050. Amazing!
And that's one way ... only one way ... Adam says to me, "I love you." I loved my Valentine's Day this year! He's such a dear.


  1. What a lovely Valentine's Day! Gorgeous flowers, delicious food and lots of love. Delightful! Lori

  2. Adam is pretty special!! Wow, how wonderful, how has he become so good at cooking?? X

  3. Wonderful! That steak looks super yummy; glad you had such a fun day!!

  4. What a super wonderful Valentine's day you had, and yes Adam is a dear. You are blessed.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. A lovely Valentine's Day! What a blessing! And what wonderful food! We enjoyed temps in the 50's yesterday, too, and now it's raining ---- and more ice and snow melt happening as I write. Hooray! Have a blessedly bountiful rest of the day.

  6. wow -- your husband's a keeper! The menu for the day looks delicious! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Lovely to be able to enjoy the outside -- it's 12 degrees here and still covered in loads of snow!

  7. Gracious, girlfriend. He's definitely a keeper. My husband doesn't cook. Ever. It's sort of a family joke when I'm cooking and he asks if he can do anything....sort of a moot point. :) He makes up for it in other ways though.

  8. Very nice, M.K! And the sun was out, too. It looks like a perfect day with your sweet husband.

  9. I suppose Adam knows that about a hundred online friends of yours think he is amazing?


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