Thursday, February 20, 2014


As I said, we went to check on Adam's bees yesterday. I knew they'd be buzzing around because it was a warm(ish) day.
And they were flying and buzzing and busy as they should be.
Bo-Beau, never having seen bees before, didn't know any better and sniffed round in front of the hive where all the action was.
Our friends who let our bees live on their property have lovely flower gardens. Their daffodils are open.
This lovely flowering shrub is about to burst.
Their hellebores are just starting -- so delicate! When I see a hellebore all I can think is old-fashioned.
This is my favorite feature in their garden. It spins around.
This sweet-smelling flowering bush I remember from last year. Oh! The aroma is intoxicating! And the bees love it. I followed one of our bees (Adam calls them his employees) around with my camera lens.

If our honey tastes anything like this flower smells, I'll be gobbling that honey up quickly!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Those Hellebores are Amazing!!! X

  2. Yay! I'm so glad the bees are doing so well! Aw, the flowers! I want some!

  3. Glad to see spring happening there and that your bees are busy.

  4. You are really blessed to have bees. I've heard there is a real shortage. Your honey will be wonderful with those lovely flowers!

  5. What an enjoyable post. It's great that your friends keep your hives on their property for you. Loving the way the daffodils are scattered about. What an unusual looking flower, I've never seen that one. It's a bit early here yet for bee's although I did see a fly yesterday so bee's can be far off.

  6. What a wonderful glimmer of spring! Those last flowers are really unusual looking. I just ate some not-so-local honey with yogurt and coffee. Yum.

  7. Thank God your bees are healthy enough to enjoy all the flowers coming out. Thank YOU for sharing the flowers for us to enjoy, too.


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