Monday, February 10, 2014

Homey Comforts

Knowing that more snow/sleet may be coming our way tomorrow (eek!), I decided that the necessary run to "big town "(New Bern) must occur today. And since my afternoon and evening are already claimed, Julia and I jumped in the car at 9:00 AM with her science textbook and drove down the road.
I had to go to Michael's this week. Their Lion Brand yarn (all of it) was 50% off, plus I had an additional 10% off on all Lion Brand yarn after that. Making this colorful blanket is using up my yarn quickly, and I was hesitant to start a new row in some colors, unsure if I had enough even for a row! Time to restock. I bought the above colors (two in some of them) in "Vanna's Choice," a good acrylic worsted weight.
Adam's been eyeing this Fishermen's Wool yarn, longing for me to knit him a sweater. Ha! Well, at 60% off, I finally bought two skeins and told him I might try to make him a vest. I'm nervous. We'll see.
This "Amazing" yarn is also Lion Brand. I made an infinity scarf with it before, and it's lovely. A good buy at this price.
Once before I bought a pound ball of "Impeccable" in an off-white, and it was very useful.
And I bought some "Homespun" also -- not much, but in some rich colors. The lime green over there is already claimed by a customer who wants a big infinity scarf.
A friend posted this and tagged me :)
I replied, "I'm on the road to the yarn store WITH A COUPON."
And ... on to books! Last week, four books I'd ordered online finally arrived. My blogging friends have recommended Gladys Taber for so long, but her books are hard to find. Abe Books, a used, discount online seller, notified me of free shipping on many books, so I hunted for her titles. I bought all four for less than $20 -- a great deal for Taber these days.
I taught our ladies Bible study this afternoon, and will be going to K's house tonight for movie and dinner. A busy, fun day. I nibbled on a bowl of my split pea soup for lunch -- delicious! Homemade soup is another cold-day homey comfort.
Adam's made garlic/rosemary breadsticks for us ladies this evening. They're beautiful, and now the house is wafting with rosemary scent.

Julia found this pink/salmon sweater at Rue 21 in town for $6 this morning. It's a "large," which she is not, but she bought it be a comfy, snuggle-sweater for evenings at home.
We're all about homey comforts here, you see ~~ yarn, bread, books, sweaters. The only thing missing in this post is a cup full of hot tea!


  1. love the yarn button...fits me as well...yarn is beautiful and bread sticks look delish. I ran to town and did town errands today; tomorrow I'll put out hay for the animals, make sure everyone is where they should be. the storm is supposed to be dreadful.

  2. I'm pretty sure my heart beat sped up when I saw your Gladys Tabor books. I think you will enjoy those very much. I love Julia's sweater and seems big is in right now. Very pretty color. Happy knitting!

  3. Seriously lusting after your Gladys Tabers. No kidding. AND, love your sidebar photo. You both look so good...all dolled up.

  4. Yarn, bread, books and sweaters- divine! Hope you get some snowy weather so you can snuggle at home and feel cozy without having to go anywhere. One of life's pleasures... Wish we were getting some snow this way! Lori

  5. Having my tea and lifting my cup to you, MK! Your yarn finds are wonderful!

  6. I will be tracking that snow from your house to mine in Virginia. I hope to get time for sewing and jewelry making. Also have my daughter visiting, so all is well.

  7. That reminds me....I was given £40 and the instruction that it should be spent in a wool shop. Decisions, decisions.

  8. Well done on hunting out those wool bargains. The colours are fabulous. I use Abe books a lot, but have you heard of the Book Depository? They are in the UK and ship anywhere in the world for free. Dearer than Amazon, but hey! By the time you add the shipping from Amazon the Book Depository is far cheaper. Must hunt out some of those books.

  9. Beautiful yarn colors. I knit my husband 3 sweaters as a newlywed, while we were living in Spain (he was in the US Navy) and winters were cold and wet. He didn't need them much when we came home to FL, and then he outgrew them.

    Happy yarn crafting ~ FlowerLady

  10. I have never found a Gladys Taber book in a used bookshop either. Let us know how you like them! Comfort in winter is a very good thing!

  11. That was a cozy-homey post. What a great buy on your yarns. And I really like your stack of GT.


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