Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sunshine Returning

Before I forget, I've been meaning to share some little bookmarks I painted recently. They are just silly little things, but I enjoy making them very much. They're fun. Each one has a Brown Betty tea pot, a British tradition, I believe. Pom Pom got me interested in Brown Bettys.
I painted the one on the left first, then the other two.
I painted these two last. I enjoy the variety, the bright colors, the text. The whimsy?
We've had warmer days, sunshine, and outdoor walks lately in Oriental. This seagull sat comfortably on his piling in the river.
He's warming up.
Magical sunshine on water ~
Late-afternoon brilliance -- it's like a star! Well ... it is a star :)
However, it's still February, and the marina is vacant. The cruisers are south of us, in the Bahamas or Florida. Soon they'll come sailing back north for the season. But for now, the harbor is full of water and not much else.
Thought I'd share this house with you, an old one in the village just a block from the water. I've never seen anyone stay in it. The third story is lovely, isn't it? And the triple windows and cedar siding?
Does anybody have a few hundred thousand to make her a beauty again?
She's historical too.
I sneaked this photo of a colored bottle tree in a yard. This one, I think, is nicer than a plain blue-bottle tree, which is so dark. These bottles are lighter, sunnier. Beach colors.
That's it for today. Adam and I plan to go see how the bees are faring, after the cold winter. I'm wondering if they're still alive. I'll let you know.
Update: The bees are doing fine. Two healthy hives. Soon Adam plans to bring them here to our yard where he can sit and enjoy watching them.


  1. It certainly looks pleasant where you are right now and it's a semi-sunny day here on Dogwood Lane as well. I LOVE the bottle tree, I've always wanted one of those I wonder where they got all the different colored bottles? I don't believe I'm up to the task of a major renovation but that house looks like a wonderful project for someone. Thanks for the tour.

  2. Beautiful and inspiring views mk! The book.marks are cool too! Hugs to you x

  3. Love those little bookmarks! so whimsical and fun!

  4. Oh, I'm glad about the bees!
    I love your Brown Betty teapot art! VERY sweet and appealing!

  5. Love the beautiful old house. Notice how the front screen door resembles a quilt block? Your little bookmarks are so cute and colorful! A nice little project, and you can never have too many. (And others love to receive them!)

  6. Your paintings of the little teapots are as cute as can be. No wonder you like them!

  7. I checked on my bees today (did not open the hive - just cleaned out dead bees from the bottom). They are still living! I hope they make it through a few more weeks until blossoms come forth; the queen is laying right now hopefully!

  8. What a great post, alive with coming spring.

    Your bookmarks are wonderful, happy and colorful. Have you thought of laminating them somehow and selling them?

    I love that old house, and the bottle tree is nice too. Hopefully someone will buy the place and make it come alive with love and laughter once again.

    Have a lovely day ~ Glad the bees are fine ~ FlowerLady

  9. Isn't it grand to be seeing sunshine again. Some lovely shots there. That bottle tree was pretty. I think that house would look amazing restored.


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