Saturday, February 22, 2014


You bloggers know how it is. You fail to write a blog post for two or three days. In the meantime, life gets rather busy, you do 1648 things, take photos of 582 of them, return to your blog, and try to cobble together a catch-up post that you name "Hodge-Podge" or "This-and-That."  When I tried that a few minutes ago, my computer crashed and lost all the photos I took yesterday and today. sigh

I'm past hodge-podge. I'm scatterbrained.
So is my computer -- update on my photo situation: when I tried to download a picture of our lovely spring sky the other day, instead, Iphoto gave me this:

I like azaleas just fine, but these are from last spring!
Our weather has been warm and perfect: lovely walking weather with sun and breeze, and no mosquitoes yet. In Iowa, we'd often quip of a perfectly gorgeous day ruined by wind. In Oriental, we note that whole perfect seasons are ruined by mosquitoes ... unless you're on the water or mighty close. Then the breezes make mosquito flight impossible and they go inland for other suckers to torment.
How I digress! We went on walks. Yesterday I drove to near Emerald Isle to visit a good friend and her parents who were visiting. No photos of that trip will be forthcoming, thanks to my corrupted Iphoto library.
And when I attempted to upload a a photo of my handsome husband, Iphoto gave me this:

Let my try a few more.
 Ah, that's better. The daffodils from a few days ago have really come out of their shells.
 Adam and I walked to the top of the big bridge. I'd never done that before. The view of Smith Creek is quite stunning.
 Here's a view of the harbor. Or the marina. I always forget it's name. Oriental Marina? I call it the Trawl Door Marina because that's the restaurant that's nearby.
 This is Lou Mac pier with its long line of rocks at water's edge, looking straight up the river.
 Some of the rocks are interesting, craggy and full of shells.
 ...and old pilings rotting away.
I'm sorry I can't post a photo of my two friends and me at lunch yesterday -- Robin and Liz. We had fun, great food, and good conversation. We ate at Rucker John's on Emerald Isle.

I had photos of my stripey blanket laid out on the bed and looking fine -- about 75% finished. I'm so pleased with this project; I think it will be a treasure for many years. And I had photos of my very plain and bare yard, in order to ask your advice about how to spruce up the place. It needs mucho help.

I also had great photos of the seagulls on the ferry yesterday. They were amazing -- hundreds of them flocking and flapping around the back of the ferries. Ah well. No crying over spilt milk.


  1. Oh dear . . . technology is wonderful, but certainly can be frustrating at times!! We can only hope for daffodils in about 2 1/2 months! Enjoy yours for me :)

  2. Well, you are learning! My problem is, when this sort of thing happens, I don't seem to learn why. :-(

  3. Regardless of what you think you SHOULD HAVE posted, I enjoyed what you DID post! Technology is a great thing as long as it does what it's supposed to do...
    whatever that is! Sending hugs!


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