Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Layers of Reflection

 A quiet walk to the wildlife ramp down the street at sunset produced this view.
 Still making progress on the stripey blanket ...
 And a bit more .... That ripple stitch pattern was fun. I'm using only two kinds of yarn in this blanket (so far): Impeccable and Red Heart "Soft." They aren't exactly alike, but they're both worsted weight, and they work fine together.
 When we painted last week, I found Julia two canvases! Big canvases like this are expensive, at least $15 apiece at Michael's. These, however, came from our local thrift store (yes!), at $3 each. Some painter brought them in, and I knew Julia would be happy painting over them and giving them a new lease on life :)
 She applied a couple layers of white acrylic, and began adding black to reach a nice steely gray.
 This is her final picture:
 She wanted a painting to match her room decor. (She's really into decorating.) She has a good bit of gray and white.
So we're keeping going with our artistic sides and looking for beauty and creativity around us.


  1. You live in such a peaceful place, filled with much beauty.

    Your blanket is coming right along and that ripple pattern does look nice, not one I've done before.

    Your daughter did a great job with her painting and it looks very nice in her bedroom.

    Happy Creating and Living one day at a time ~ FlowerLady

  2. It looks to me that you are having a happy, cozy winter:) I love the painting, the ripple blanket and the scenery.

  3. Oooh, what a gorgeous painting. And how has she done those birds? Are they just black paper? If so, I am SO thinking of doing this in our spare room!x

    1. Kezzie, the black birds are black posterboard paper, simply cut out with scissors. She's had those on her wall for quite a while. They look good with the new painting, don't they?

  4. What a pretty sunset. - Your daughter did a great job with her painting.

  5. The blanket is just beautiful! And the painting --- I'm impressed. Your daughter is so talented. Painting over the canvas was a great idea. I re-use art substrate, too, often by tearing collaged pieces off, painting with gesso, and ending up with a lovely distressed, textured piece for another collage. Accidental art!

  6. Such a brilliant, money saving idea with the canvas! And look how pretty it looks. Your blanket is looking good. I bet it is fun. And I love your pink sky. Ours is just GRAY. Bleh. But we did get a little covering of snow today and that is always big news for Texas. :)


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