Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cup Cozies

I found this simple pattern on Pinterest, coming originally from Summerhouse Cottage blog. I added a few helpful hints to her pattern and will post it below. Aren't these the cutest ever?
They're so simple. No bottoms, no fiddling. Just a simple wrap with a button closure.
It's mostly half-double crochets.
I picked four happy spring colors:

That's a happier red that it looks like in the photo ....
I'll be selling these for $10.00 for the set of four.
They'll keep your beverage warm and keep your hands unburnt :) Oh, happy day!

Cup Cozy Pattern:

Worsted weight yarn
Hook size H
Begin with a chain long enough to go around your favorite coffee cup.  Leave a little bit of space for stretching.  The ends do not need to meet.  In my case, I chained 32. (This is a good length.)
row 1: hdc in 3rd chain from hook and in each stitch across. chain 6, turn.
row 2: sc in 2nd chain from hook and in the next 4 st.(the length of the buttonhole flap);  hdc to end of row ending with a sc in the last st. (the chain stitch from the row below); chain 1, turn.
row 3: sc in 1st stitch/same stitch; hdc across stopping at the buttonhole flap (29 hdc). With 5 stitches left on the end, do the following: sc 3, chain 1, skip 1, sc 1, chain 1, turn.
row 4: sc in next 5 st. along the buttonhole flap; hdc to end of row ending with a sc in the last stitch. chain 1, turn.
row 5: sc in 1st stitch/same stitch; hdc across stopping at the buttonhole flap. Make sure “shoulders” of the cozy match.  Do NOT turn. 
row 6: sc around entire cozy. Allow an extra sc at each corner that you turn, to keep the corners flat.
row 7 : slip stitch all the way around. Allow an extra sip stitch at each corner also.
Finish off by sewing on a button and weaving in all the ends.


  1. Cute as can be! What a creative, beautiful improvement over those paper thingys that they give out at Starbucks! You have such nifty ideas!

  2. I love these little cozies! I'm visiting from the GYB party and I'm glad to find your sweet blog.

  3. Cute! It should be $20 for the set of four, MK.

  4. Love! Now, all I need is your pattern converted to knitting :) I hope they sell like hotcakes for you!

  5. M.K.- They are darling! Think I may have to order a set!:) Lori

  6. Adorable! What a good idea. I always hold my tea or coffee as a hand warmer in the winter.


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